Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times...
John Dietrich, Cary C Nichols
This publication not only demonstrates how readers can put best sales skills and concepts into practice, but examines how sales applies to ALL of our personal and professional lives as well.
Facility and Event Management: Applications in Sport
Jeffrey Petersen, Lawrence Judge, John J Miller
Perfect for both undergraduate and graduate level courses, this publication covers everything from the history of sport facilities, to the construction of new stadiums, to customer service, and booking events.
Open for Business: An Introduction to the Real World
Horace Williams, Dane Galden
Written in a plain, flowing, and easy to read format, the publication focuses on “real world” application scenarios providing the reader with practical, usable advice in addition to high-end concepts and theories.
Consumer Behavior: An Applied Approach
Nessim Hanna, Richard Wozniak, Margaret Hanna
The book starts with the individual influences on behavior and then broadens the perspective to include relevant social/cultural forces. Each of the chapters includes a cross-functional debate exercise that helps students apply the chapter’s principles to other business-related disciplines such as accountancy, management, finance, production, and law.
Selling in the Sport Industry
Selling in the Sport Industry
David Pierce, Nels Popp, Chad McEvoy
A groundbreaking publication that is the only book in the market to address this endeavor, this publication informs readers on the sports industry while providing faculty with a means to teach students the mechanics of the sales process.
persuasion,interpersonal communication,nca
Communicating in Business
Robert Insley
This package fuses a text with continuously-updated website resources that provide a comprehensive, introductory business communication textbook that serves university, junior college, and community college students from a variety of disciplines, as well as corporate and government personnel.