History of Rock and Roll
Thomas E Larson
Designed for the college non-music major, this package fuses a text, website, and online music library to cover the music’s story of controversy, tragedy, and self-indulgence; and also of love, peace, and the triumph of the human spirit.
History and Tradition of Jazz
Thomas E Larson
This textbook and music package features stories and legends of important events and people who shaped jazz history, while addressing how the music has been an important lightning rod for race issues.
Learning About Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment
Nora Ambrosio
This publication presents all aspects of dance as an art form, including chapters on: the choreographer; the dancer; the audience; different dance genres; dance in education, and careers in dance.
Living the Dream, The Morning After Music School: A DIY Guide to the Music Business
Brian Horner
This publication offers insights and tools to help current or former music majors navigate life as highly capable musicians trying to put together a living from a variety of income streams while exposing them to creative ways of considering their career options.
Practical Music Theory
John Baur
A practical, comprehensive, and concise approach to the study of music theory, this publication is enhanced by the full power of online resources to explore and teach the primary theoretical material (tonal music, part-writing, and form ending with a wide array of 20th and 21st century materials).