Gus Cicala is the president, CEO, and founder of Project Assistants, a regularly published author on project management, and an acclaimed speaker. He graduated cum laude from the Wharton Business School and has over twenty-five years of project management experience and thirty-years' worth of information technology development and consulting expertise.

In his 20 years since founding Project Assistants, he and his team have offered expertise to help organizations achieve better, faster and more cost-effective project-based results. He's provided solutions across the whole spectrum of People, Process, Technology and Governance—especially training on project management, courses methodology, design and implementation of Microsoft Project and consulting on project portfolio management.

Effective project management combines strategy, theory, leadership skills, and technical knowledge, which is reflected in Gus' slate of publications and speaking tours. He regularly publishes articles on strategy and theory in several top project management venues, including Project Times,, ProjectSummit, and PMI.

His newest publication is a full-length training and reference guide titled Project management Using Microsoft Project 2013 and is available on He was a contributing author to the third edition of Expediting Drug and Biologics Development, and on his latest speaking tour on project management topics, he is delivering popular presentations on the topics of Project Leadership and Project Risk Management.

Regarding project leadership, Gus is a participating author on the topic “Leadership Is Taken Not Given” for the recently published The Keys to Our Success: Lessons Learned from 25 of Our Best Project Managers, and he has delivered presentations on this topic at speaking events throughout the US and Canada.

As for technical knowledge, Gus is regularly published on topics relating to the Microsoft Project solution platform by the Microsoft Project Users Group (MPUG) and others, and he was a contributing author to Macmillan’s Que book series: Special Edition: Using Microsoft Project as well as Microsoft's Step-by-Step guides for Microsoft Project. He was also a longtime member of Microsoft's product advisory council.

In Gus' personal life, he has been married to his wife, Susan, for 36 years, with whom he has four children and four grandchildren. He is the president of the board of directors of the Limen House, a non-profit organization dedicated to turning around the lives of recovering alcoholics and addicts.  Gus is also private pilot, an academic advisor to Malvern Prep’s student Robotics Program, and is the operator and co-owner of a Vermont Christmas tree farm with his wife Susan.

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