Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships
Melissa B Wanzer, Kristen C Eichhorn, Candice Thomas-Maddox
The publication incorporates the historical and theoretical foundations of interpersonal communication, while introducing students to exciting and innovative research that has addressed the evolving practice of building and sustaining relationships.
Persuasion: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice
Ann Bainbridge Frymier, Marjorie Keeshan Nadler
This text provides persuasion skills students seek integrated with persuasion theories instructors want to teach. In addition, it explains the five major theories of persuasion and features an entire chapter dedicated to ethics as it relates to persuasion.
Straight Talk About Communication Research Methods
Christine S Davis, Kenneth A Lachlan
The publication presents the foundations of research methods, the choices scholars make, and the methodological decisions driving communication scholarship. In addition, it includes material on conducting research on, and involving, social and digital media.
Health Communication in Everyday Life
Linda C Lederman, Gary Kreps, Anthony Roberto
The publication features examples about college students and college health issues to illustrate the many aspects of health and health communication discussed – demonstrating how health communication is more relevant to the reader’s daily life than they may have thought.
persuasion,interpersonal communication,nca
Communicating in Business
Robert Insley
This package fuses a text with continuously-updated website resources that provide a comprehensive, introductory business communication textbook that serves university, junior college, and community college students from a variety of disciplines, as well as corporate and government personnel.
Terrorism text, Homeland Security text
Homeland Security and Terrorism: Threat, Incident and Aftermath
Jibey Asthappan
This publication provides a point of entry into the study of leadership theory and practice and can be useful as readers interrogate what leadership means, why it matters, and the ways that one can improve his or her effectiveness as a leader.