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Service-Oriented Computing and System Integration: Software, IoT, Big Data, and AI as Services

Author(s): Yinong Chen, GENNARO DE LUCA

Service-Oriented Computing and System Integration: Software, IoT, Big Data, and AI as Services focuses on service-oriented computing, web application development, and service-oriented system integration. It covers WSDL services, RESTful services, their development and applications, XML and related t...

Shepherd Crook Brazil: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Author(s): Dyshann Anderson

The Shepherd Crook is a metaphor for tacit and explicit knowledge skills in graphic arts. The skills acquired are to guide a given demographics or target audience. The first edition of this publication is a journey to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (land of creativity). Information designer, entrepreneur, a...

Advanced AutoCAD and 3D Modeling + Rendering Software

Author(s): Yvette Banks

Continuing your education in the design field is always exciting and beneficial. If you looking to advance your knowledge in creating a design and producing full client document sets with amazing 3D views and renderings ready for construction, this textbook is your source.This book walks you through...

Full Stack Developer

Author(s): Jose G Annunziato

The speed of progress promises a great future, but is not without its challenges and concerns. Companies offer free services in exchange for tracking our online activity and compromising our privacy. Being able to reach millions has democratized information sharing and spawned countless news outlets...

Applied Computational Behavioral Science

Author(s): Aurel Coza

Applied Computational Behavioral Science is designed to familiarize the learner with the fundamentals of human behavior quantification, modeling, and prediction. Applications ranging from preventive medicine to shopping behavior and sport performance will be discussed in the context of concrete exam...

Software Design

Author(s): James N Helfrich

Software Design teaches students how to design better software at a variety of different levels. Beginning at the algorithm level (in Unit 0) and up through functions (Unit 1), classes (Unit 2 and 3) and finally component and system design (Unit 4), Software Design helps students evaluate the qualit...