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Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships

Author(s): Melissa B Wanzer, Kristen C Eichhorn, Candice Thomas-Maddox

Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships reflects the countless societal, cultural, and technological changes that have influenced the ways in which we experience, discuss, and research relationships in a variety of contexts. Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Re...

African-American Art Supplement

Author(s): Clarence Talley, Tracey Moore, Ann Johnson

In this Supplement to accompany African-American Art, each chapter contains an overview, objectives, chapter outline, vocabulary terms, list of artists, slides, study questions, matching questions, true/false questions, projects, discussion questions, and artist spotlights, all of which are intended...

Contemporary Media: Structures, Functions, Issues and Ethics

Author(s): K Tim Wulfemeyer

Contemporary Media: Structures, Functions, Issues and Ethics helps the reader become more knowledgeable about the mass media. The publication concentrates on the content, structures and issues associated with the mass media, rather than the science of television, radio, movies and the other mass med...

Wellness Literacy 3.0

Author(s): Derek J Mohr, Scott Townsend

Wellness Literacy 3.0 is a turn-key online wellness / physical education activity course that consists of two sets of modules: Wellness Modules and Activity Modules. Accordingly, as students engage in the course, they are destined for a journey of self-discovery that will challenge them to: ...

Discover the Power of Music Listening: A Music Listening

Author(s): Linda Marcel

Discover the Power of Music Listening is a workbook designed as a secondary text for college level music appreciation courses. Activities emphasize the elements of music and vocabulary through listening exercises. A CD-ROM is packaged in the back of each workbook. Appendix I offers a glossary of voc...

Dealing with Diversity: Media Course Study Guide

Author(s): Governors State University

This course was developed to help you recognize and appreciate the differences and the similarities among diverse groups and individuals in a multicultural society. Living in the U.S.A. in the 21st century poses some of the most complex challenges this nation has ever faced. Our dependence on tec...