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Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships

Author(s): Melissa B Wanzer, Kristen C Eichhorn, Candice Thomas-Maddox

Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships reflects the countless societal, cultural, and technological changes that have influenced the ways in which we experience, discuss, and research relationships in a variety of contexts. Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Re...

African-American Art Supplement

Author(s): Clarence Talley, Tracey Moore, Ann Johnson

In this Supplement to accompany African-American Art, each chapter contains an overview, objectives, chapter outline, vocabulary terms, list of artists, slides, study questions, matching questions, true/false questions, projects, discussion questions, and artist spotlights, all of which are intended...

Managing the Classroom: Creating a Culture for Middle and Secondary Teaching and Learning

Author(s): Billie J Enz, Connie J Honaker, Sharon A Kortman

View the Reading Resources Catalog Planning a classroom is an overwhelming task for a teacher. Managing the Classroom guides teachers through the full school year's tasks and responsibilities. This book provides research-based best practices with useful information, resources and great tips for s...

Inquiry into Physical Science: A Contextual Approach Volume 2: Kitchen Science: Will Science Be a Guest at Your Next Dinner?

Author(s): Roger Nanes

  New material in this edition includes:An expanded discussion of elements, mixtures, and compounds, including a discussion of heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures. A new Activity and a new Making Connections exercise on Elements, Mixtures and Compounds A new version of the Making Connections exer...