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Mechanisms and Logic in Human Physiology

Author(s): Erik P. Silldorff, Gerald D. Robinson

Mechanisms and Logic in Human Physiology is a next-gen learning resource, adapting to a variety of pedagogical strategies as well as strongly promoting higher order thinking, the ultimate goal of 21st century pre-clinical education. Physiology - a study of complex systems in motion - requires a deep...

Severe and Hazardous Weather: An Introduction to High Impact Meteorology

Author(s): Robert Rauber, John Walsh, Donna Charlevoix

Extreme weather and climate events have impacted every region of the United States and many regions throughout the world during the five years since the publication of the previous edition of Severe and Hazardous Weather. The recent fires in California and Oregon were heartbreaking to watch. The num...

Management: The Right Work, Done Well!


Management: The Right Work, Done Well! covers all the key topics expected in an introductory management textbook. The publication features an easily readable and understandable format based on the primary purpose of management - to get the “Right Work, Done Well!”The publication is written by Denis ...

Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education


Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education explores early childhood safety and nutrition in a variety of facets, including indoor and outdoor safety, emergency procedures, nutrition and food safety, as well as a chapter on holistic wellness in early childhood education. Topics such as diversity...

Introduction to Agricultural Sales

Author(s): Anthony Delmond

Agriculture is the earliest and most essential enterprise for humankind. Sales professionals furnish the glue that holds the agricultural system together. Introduction to Agricultural Sales provides students with a strong foundational knowledge of sales relationships, agricultural marketing, and the...

Hospitality Financial Management and Contextualized Decision Making

Author(s): Nan Hua, Barry Bloom, Agnes DeFranco, Toni Repetti, Twila Mae Logan, Dipendra Mann, Peng Liu, Prashant Das, Arun Upneja

This textbook encompasses four parts, introducing finance theories and contextualized decision making with a clear articulation as to how, individually and collectively, they are shaping the future of hospitality financial management. Part I sets the foundation of hospitality financial management by...

The New Normal Marketing Principles: Building Your Marketing Foundation

Author(s): Donald B. Fisher

This publication is a foundational and comprehensive coverage of marketing perfect for intro classes. This turnkey online course incorporates familiar examples, video, case studies, and more to provide students with an engaging and interactive learning experience. , full_html

Our World, Our Music

Author(s): Robert Elliott

Our World, Our Music relates historical and discipline-specific concepts to students’ existing knowledge gained through cultural participation. It addresses past and present, Western and non-Western societies and cultures, examining music in particular, the arts in general, and the societies that su...

Event Planning and Management at Colleges and University: An Emerging Hospitality Profession

Author(s): Suzanne Shaw

Event Planning & Management At Colleges & Universities: An Emerging Hospitality Profession, the first book of its kind, focuses on the event planning at a college or university and provides broad insights on what this line of work can offer both personally and professionally. This digital text also ...

Teaching Texas: A Complete and Practical Approach to Understanding and Applying the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) TExES

Author(s): Teri Bingham

Teaching Texas: A Complete and Practical Approach to Understanding and Applying the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) TExES is a hands-on guide for preservice teachers to prepare for the TExES examination. The publication integrates real-life scenario-based questions, tips, theory, an...