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Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships

Author(s): Melissa B Wanzer, Kristen C Eichhorn, Candice Thomas-Maddox

Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships reflects the countless societal, cultural, and technological changes that have influenced the ways in which we experience, discuss, and research relationships in a variety of contexts. Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Re...

Reading & Learning Strategies: Middle Grades Through High School

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Micki M Caskey, Mary Ann Wham

This fourth edition is based on the Professional Standards developed by the International Reading Assoc. (IRA). Educators will get over 100 content-relevant instructional strategies. Each research-based strategy includes a detailed explanation and examples from various content areas. A quick refe...

The How and Why of World History

Author(s): Geoffroy De Laforcade, Charles H Ford, Steven Isaac, Patrick U Mbajekwe, Phillip A Cantrell, Stephanie J Richmond

History, like the poetic epics and grand religious narratives of ancient and classical times, is a story written from a given perspective.  The How and Why of World History examines world history through various perspectives, regions, and eras.  This seventeen-chapter publication includes a bibliogr...

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Author(s): Neil H Katz, John W Lawyer, KATHERINE SOSA, Marcia Sweedler, PETER TOKAR

  In a new and significantly expanded third edition, Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills provides practical applications for enhancing communication and personal or professional leadership effectiveness. Engaging, user-friendly material will assist in building skills, improving relationshi...

An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America

Author(s): Richard Merritt, Kenneth Cummins, Martin B Berg

An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America serves as a standard guide on the immature and adult stages of aquatic and semiaquatic insects of North America. It offers information on the distribution, tolerance values, trophic relationships, and functional adaptations of aquatic insects t...

Nutrition & Health

Author(s): Melissa Gutschall

Nutrition and Health is designed to supplement any introductory nutrition course studying essential nutrients and the importance of good nutrition to health at various stages of life. The text is intended to guide the student in identifying key concepts with the use of topic outlines, project resour...

To Fetch Some Golden Apples: Course Pack for Readings in Indo-European Myth, Religion, and Society

Author(s): Roger Woodard

This course package includes: A printed copy of To Fetch Some Golden Apples: Readings in Indo-European Myth, Religion, and Society Access to the eBook version of Indo-European Myth and Religion: A Manual Indo-European Myth and Religion:  A Manual, now in its fourth edition, is a unique ...

Democracy and Difference Through the Aesthetics of Film

Author(s): Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein

Can we envision U.S. democratic politics in ways that both respect and transcend difference lines? In our response we draw from our own experiences and our own politics-regardless of whether clearly defined. For many, visual imagery, especially film, has been a significant contributor to the soci...

Discovery English: Speaking and Listening for Advanced English Language Learners

Author(s): George Ellington, Laya Vivian Smith Ellington

Discovery English: Speaking and Listening for Advanced English Language Learners is a complete course in academic speaking and listening for advanced ESL students. This text mimics introductory level college courses and prepares students for future academic careers. Features of Discovery English ...

The Psychology of Learning and Careers

Author(s): KEN SPROUL

Includes access to the PEPS Learning Style Inventory online assessment , basic_html