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African-American Art Supplement

Author(s): Clarence Talley, Tracey Moore, Ann Johnson

In this Supplement to accompany African-American Art, each chapter contains an overview, objectives, chapter outline, vocabulary terms, list of artists, slides, study questions, matching questions, true/false questions, projects, discussion questions, and artist spotlights, all of which are intended...

Music 101: A Guide to Active Listening for a Generation Online

Author(s): James E Shearer, Fred Bugbee

Music 101: A Guide to Active Listening for a Generation Online presents a balance of commentary, historical documentation, and insightful listening guides into the diverse world of classical, jazz, and world music. Music 101 is a highly readable text that offers students a lifelong guide into all fo...


Author(s): Julie Holzner

In the first four chapters, in Part One, there is an overview of basic economic concepts.  In the last chapter of this part, the workings of markets is explained in great detail.  It is essential for everybody who studies economics to understand how the forces of supply and demand interact in market...

Wellness Literacy 3.0

Author(s): Derek J Mohr, Scott Townsend

Wellness Literacy 3.0 is a turn-key online wellness / physical education activity course that consists of two sets of modules: Wellness Modules and Activity Modules. Accordingly, as students engage in the course, they are destined for a journey of self-discovery that will challenge them to: ...