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Win, Lose, or Draw

Author(s): Karen Holmes

Win, Lose, or Draw is a non-algebra based math course that fulfills a general education mathematics requirement. The class structure is discovery-based with students working in groups rather than lecture-dependent, appealing to students for whom math is not a strength.   The theme of the course invo...

Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education


Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education explores early childhood safety and nutrition in a variety of facets, including indoor and outdoor safety, emergency procedures, nutrition and food safety, as well as a chapter on holistic wellness in early childhood education. Topics such as diversity...

Complete Public Relations: Contemporary Practice

Author(s): Anthony Fulginiti, Joseph Basso, Suzanne D FitzGerald

Provide "CPR" to your organization, clients and employees with this comprehensive text on public relations writing, theory, research and most importantly, practice.Complete Public Relations: Contemporary Practice provides groundbreaking instruction, helping readers: learn effective planning strategi...

The New Normal Marketing Principles: Building Your Marketing Foundation

Author(s): Donald B. Fisher

This publication is a foundational and comprehensive coverage of marketing perfect for intro classes. This turnkey online course incorporates familiar examples, video, case studies, and more to provide students with an engaging and interactive learning experience. , full_html

Rooted in TESOL: Language, Culture, and Theories

Author(s): Lena Shaqareq, Tia Kimball

Rooted in TESOL: Language, Culture, and Theories is a roadmap for general K-12 educators who have “nonmainstream” students. Teachers will learn the very least they need to know to teach students from other cultures and will learn to understand what they can expect from non-native English learners. B...

The Art and Science of Teaching: An Introduction to American Education

Author(s): Timothy J Reagan, Terry A Osborn

The Art and Science of Teaching provides students with a broad introduction to teaching and education in contemporary U.S. society. The book includes chapters that address such issues as:The Purposes of Public SchoolingThe Legal and Organizational Foundations of Public SchoolingThe Epistemology of E...

Event Planning and Management at Colleges and University: An Emerging Hospitality Profession

Author(s): Suzanne Shaw

Event Planning & Management At Colleges & Universities: An Emerging Hospitality Profession, the first book of its kind, focuses on the event planning at a college or university and provides broad insights on what this line of work can offer both personally and professionally. This digital text also ...

Real-World Statistics: In-Person Version

Author(s): Carol Saltsgaver

Real-World Statistics was written for all college majors who have completed at least an intermediate algebra as well as a geometry course. The text contains many examples and exercises from a wide variety of statistical applications, making it appropriate for many different disciplines.Real-World St...

Information and Enterprise Systems in Today's Businesses

Author(s): Thomas Case, Michael Cuellar

Information and Enterprise Systems in Today’s Businesses establishes a strong focus on enterprise systems, their roles in supporting and integrating business processes, as well as the challenges and opportunities that come alongside. In addition, this publication discusses disruptive technologies an...

Zagging: Building Advocacy Through Digital and Social Media

Author(s): Guy Danhoff, Lauren Krebs

Zagging: Building Advocacy Through Digital and Social Media serves as a resource manual guidebook for students, professionals, and organizational advocacy leaders looking to develop their ability to effectively manage various digital and social media communication tools during and beyond the COVID-1...