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Microbiology for Health Professionals


This lab manual is a survey of experiments and activities that allow students to put their conceptual framework into action while sharpening laboratory skills. These labs have been designed to examine a broad variety of laboratory methods through the use fo aseptic protocols, biochemical tests, sele...

Foundations and Applications of Exercise Science

Author(s): Thomas W Allen, Michael T Liang

The 2nd edition of Foundations and Applications of Exercise Science expanded the origional 14 chapters to incorporate 7 new chapters and revised the origonal chapter 2 on Professional and Academic Preparations in Exercise Science. For example, the authors added three new chapters on mental health an...

Lifetime Fitness: God Has Plans for You!

Author(s): Dr. Terry Brown

Lifetime Fitness – God Has Plans for You covers aspects of health related fitness as do many others. It, however, approaches the subject from a Christian worldview that gives credit to the creator, and suggests that one of the purposes of this amazing creation is service. We often do not know what t...

Emergency and Disaster Exercises: A Practitioner's Guide to Exercise Design and Development, Conduct, Evaluation, and Improvement Planning

Author(s): Darren E. Price, Thaddeus D Hicks

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time and often without warning. While emergencies are often somewhat limited in scope and intensity, they can also be catastrophic in nature with far-reaching impacts on a national and international level. Exercises represent a key element of preparedness ...