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Game Design Essentials

Author(s): Robert Thomas II Howard

Game Design Essentials bridges the gap between the theory of game design and the practical steps to actually make it happen in real games! Rob Howard, a game industry veteran (with titles such as Bioshock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Origins on his resume) and Purdue University professor guides stude...

Public Relations: A Professional Approach

Author(s): John Guilfoil

Public Relations: A Professional Approach takes a look at the PR industry that is part trusted adviser and part carpenter! With a fresh look at time-tested concepts, the book served as a service manual for those just starting to learn about public relations and those already working in the field. Wi...

Energy: Connecting Earth & Everyone

Author(s): David Marx

Energy is necessary to do anything.  We live in an era of unprecedented availability of energy sources that drive economies and make modern life possible and unprecedented uncertainty as policy decisions are being made and implemented.We are all dependent on the Earth and Sun to provide the resource...

Outdoor Education Leadership

Author(s): Diana M Wagner

The field of outdoor education has changed considerably in the early 21st century. What was once considered leisure studies or recreation studies has grown into a multi-faceted field rich with environmentalism, leadership, wilderness medicine, adventure programming, and risk management. Outdoor Educ...

Applied Algebra

Author(s): Marian Anton, Karen Santoro

Applied Algebra is designed for a one semester course for students entering college at the developmental level. It enhances students’ algebraic, critical reasoning, and communication skills, and to promote a growth mindset towards learning. It provides a guided inquiry approach through collaborative...

Dominic's Ducks

Author(s): Two Herons

When Officer Dominic is dispatched to the cherry-red convertible at 1600 Greentree Road, he has no idea what he's about to get himself into. But when all is said and done, Officer Dominic wouldn't change a thing.  , basic_html

Criminology: Theories of Crime & Deviance

Author(s): Rebecca Stroud

New Publication Now Available! Turn to almost any television station and you are likely to see a program that involves crime and the criminal justice system. The public’s interest in crime can’t seem to be satisfied. Every newspaper and television news program spends an excessive amount of column...

Case Conceptualization: A Biblical Wellness (B-Well) Approach

Author(s): David Jones, Ken Miller, Kevin Hull

Case Conceptualization: A Biblical Wellness (B-Well) Approach is developed in a stepwise progression for students and counseling practitioners. The book begins by establishing a clear understanding of wellness and then provides an overview of biblical worldview essentials. After offering these two f...

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management

Author(s): Lee Swanson, Grant Wilson

This publication explores essential concepts related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology commercialization. It provides insight into the fundamental ideas, models, practices, and strategies of technology-intensive entrepreneurial ventures. Drawing on the academic and professional experie...