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Media Praxis: Introducing Media Theory, Application and Context

Author(s): Alessandro Imperato

Media theory is a valuable resource for media producers and with the increased pervasion of digital media technology into everyday life, it has become necessary for understanding developments in culture. Media Praxis, introduces the reader to media theory and its application to art and design, anima...

The Exciting World of Scientific Research


The textbook that had been used in this course for several decades is titled Introduction to Scientific Geographic Research. Its use even predates my taking over this course in 2002. It is a fine text and it served its purpose well. However, the text is now out of print. For several years, used copi...

Arts in the School and Community: Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama

Author(s): Jennifer Colby

New Second Edition Coming Soon!The arts are personal and collective and reflect our culture and society. Arts in the School and Community: Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Drama will stimulate growth in the reader’s understanding of the arts and the value they have for their community.Arts in the Schoo...

Applied Anatomy for Exercise Science

Author(s): Kimberly Keeley, Jeremy Dicus

This textbook is intended for students taking the Applied Anatomy course in the Exercise Science Program at Slippery Rock University. This book is designed to help students develop foundational knowledge in anatomy and physiology. The foundation built through this course and textbook will be expande...

Applied Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development: An Identity Approach

Author(s): Gretchen Vogelgesang Lester, Paul Lester

An Identity Approach to Applied Organizational Behavior and Leader Development serves as a bridge between education and training for the emerging leader. While grounded in sound leadership and organizational behavior theory and current research, what sets this leadership textbook apart from others i...