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Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics

Author(s): Alejandro Del Carmen

This book is appropriately titled Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics since the author recognizes that the topic of racial profiling in policing, in its basic form, is one that has been discussed for a number of years and from different perspectives. Despite the ample dialogue on this to...

16 Weeks to College Success

Author(s): Gina Burkart

New Fourth Edition Coming Soon!Written for traditional students as well as adult learners returning to college, 16 Weeks to College Success: The Mindful Student addresses the challenges of college and provides a toolbox of strategies for students to apply to their courses throughout their  academic ...

Martha and New Horizons

Author(s): Two Herons

Summer has turned to fall, and the start of a new school year means more changes- and more challenges- for Martha. Faced with new surroundings, new courses and new classmates, she also must cope with changes at home and in her daily routine. The biggest changes, though, may be in Martha herself!  , ...

The Journalist's Primer: A No-Nonsense Guide to Getting and Reporting the News

Author(s): Mark P. Hanebutt

The face of journalism has changed. The evening news is rife with personality, commentary, and political polarization. Blogs are doubling as news sites, and anybody with a cell phone thinks he's a journalist. Citizens say they can no longer tell fake news from real news, fact from opinion. As a resu...