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History of the National Parks

Author(s): Sarah Diaz, Linda Lane

The national parks and National Park Service (NPS) serve a very important role in our country. These parks make up some of the most beautiful, unique, oldest, tallest, deepest, most pristine and most threatened places in the world. But they are more than just amazing places to visit. They serve a vi...

Principles of Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration: Paralegal Oriented Practice Tools

Author(s): David Shotwell

This text is intended to guide any legal professional on the basic principles of Estate Administration. It was written from a practitioner's perspective. Each chapter contains governing principles and features designed to deliver necessary information without bloated, historical, or judgmental persp...

Microbiology for Health Professionals


This lab manual is a survey of experiments and activities that allow students to put their conceptual framework into action while sharpening laboratory skills. These labs have been designed to examine a broad variety of laboratory methods through the use fo aseptic protocols, biochemical tests, sele...

The Myth Keepers

Author(s): Serina Sirui Fan, Jinlin Liu, Ningao Kang

In 3570, scientists discover that more creatures are sharing the galaxy with humans: namely the Awentys and the Jaspiters. The Awentys have three eyes and flaming red skin; the Jaspiters have blue and green skin and a tail made of thorns. A few years later, scientists discover evidence that mytholog...

Handbook on Legislative Drafting in California

Author(s): Chris Micheli

My first book on drafting legislation in California is titled, Introduction to Drafting Legislation in California. When I wrote that book, and then had it published in early 2020, I knew that there were many other drafting topics to eventually cover.That belief was strengthened with co-teaching the ...

Research Methods & Statistics in Education

Author(s): Parul Acharya

This textbook can be used in an introductory-level undergraduate or masters course in research methods and data analysis. The textbook explains the basic building blocks of a research study in easy to understand language and shows the application of each concept through several examples. Chapter 1 i...