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The Rabbi Wore a Fedora

Author(s): Arthur Gross-Schaefer

Rabbi Elijah Daniels experiences more than a little anxiety when he agrees to tour Germany. His good friend, Pastor Dan Winter, assures him it will be a good experience, and the Evangelical students he would accompany would benefit from a rabbi's perspective as they tour the country. The rabbi nonet...

Drones: Training and Applications to Digital Imaging

Author(s): JAY SEIDEL

New Publication Now Available!From infrastructure inspection and crop maintenance to cinematography and package delivery, drones are being used worldwide and in a variety of fields.  In order to effectively pilot drones, proper pilot training is essential. This text helps guide you through what you ...

From There to Here

Author(s): William R Lamb

You can learn a lot from storms. They have a purpose, and without them rainbows have no meaning. From There to Here is an inspiring and candid story about one man's journey through life - from a child who met his parents at age 7 and found himself living alone at age 15 to becoming a PGA golf profes...

Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics

Author(s): Alejandro Del Carmen

This book is appropriately titled Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics since the author recognizes that the topic of racial profiling in policing, in its basic form, is one that has been discussed for a number of years and from different perspectives. Despite the ample dialogue on this to...