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Thinking Critically About Social Psychology

Author(s): Whitney Whitaker

Social Psychology is all about common sense, right? Sometimes. Other times, the beliefs and attitudes we have about human behavior are nothing but myths we’ve picked up along the way. It is these myths that Dr. Whitney Jeter’s Thinking Critically About Social Psychology helps dispel. Through an educ...

Principles of Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication

Author(s): Catherine Condit Cuckovich, M. Kathleen Donald

Most advertising textbooks are written by academic professionals and grounded in the research they have undertaken. This new textbook is written by two advertising practitioners and focuses on the process of advertising. Of course, academic research is important and is included in this book. However...

Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies: Lab Manual for Earth 1124

Author(s): Joseph DalSanto

Astronomy is one of mankind’s oldest and most fascinating fields. For centuries, humans looked to the night sky and wondered what they saw—but astronomers today can provide answers based on the methods of science. How does that happen? Observations of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe ar...

Microbiology Laboratory: A Clinical Approach for Health Care Professionals

Author(s): M. Nia Madison

New Edition Now Available! We are constantly surrounded by ubiquitous, living organisms too small to be observed by the naked eye. Some of them are beneficial to us. They may serve us as part of our normal microflora competing with and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogeni...

Fundamentals of Programming with Python

Author(s): Samuel Espana Lopez

The Fundamentals of Programming with Python is a textbook that has been proven to be practical with fully online courses, blended/hybrid courses (i.e., via Zoom), and instructor-led presentations in a computer lab setting.This textbook takes the learner through a journey from problem solving concept...

Business Ethics: A Case Approach

Author(s): Kelly Rubey, Amanda McKendree, Brett Beasley, Angela Logan, Kenneth Milani, Jessica McManus Warnell, James Scofield O'Rourke

We live in a time defined by ethical dilemma and controversy. Business Ethics: A Case Approach examines these concerns from the perspective of leading experts at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Issues of ethical influence, corporate reputation, codes of conduct, environme...