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The Bridal Path

Author(s): Julia Fulton

What happens when two near strangers get engaged in India, and embark on a trip that is both perilous and roam-antic? They get attacked by temple monkeys on their journey through the Himalayas, and so begins a desperate search for the live rabies’ vaccine throughout India. Five shots are required to...

Introduction to Statistical Methods: With JMP and R

Author(s): Amy Maddox

Introduction to Statistical Methods, fourth edition, is a calculus based statistics hybrid book that provides an overview of descriptive and inferential methods including probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, nonparametric proceedures, and regression. The book addresses h...

Introduction to Modern Dance

Author(s): Wendy E. Hassenpflug

Introduction to Modern Dance provides guidance for the inexperienced dance student, and the student that is new to modern dance, especially for those taking a modern dance class at a college or university.  The information contained in this book provides new dancers with alternative and holistic app...

Next Step: University of Northern Iowa

Author(s): Nichole Harken

Health insurance, relocating, navigating new workspaces, potential discrimination, managing time - there is so much that comes with graduating from higher education. You have built the skills and knowledge to engage in the work, but may be feeling overwhelmed for all of the other "stuff" of life. Yo...