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An Overview of Plant Anatomy and Diversity: A Botany Lab Manual

Author(s): Jodie L. Ramsay

Many lab manuals cover more material than what can be covered in a typical semester. This book was written specifically to cover the plant anatomy and diversity portions of a semester-long course in plant science. Some minor changes have been made in the text since the second edition. Many of the im...

Monologue Book for All Ages...With Pointers!

Author(s): Keely Knudsen

"All the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts being seven ages."-As You Like It, Act II, scene viiExplore the "seven ages of man" through age-appropriate monologues, with pointers for emph...

Thinking Critically About Social Psychology

Author(s): Whitney Whitaker

Social Psychology is all about common sense, right? Sometimes. Other times, the beliefs and attitudes we have about human behavior are nothing but myths we’ve picked up along the way. It is these myths that Dr. Whitney Jeter’s Thinking Critically About Social Psychology helps dispel. Through an educ...

Laboratory Manual for Organic Chemistry

Author(s): Mark Sinton

Laboratory Manual for Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition, has been extensively revised from its first edition. All of the exercises, for example, have been modified to improve product yield, better fit within the increasingly common three-hour lab period, and/or minimize hazardous waste generation. In a...

Melanin Mind: Creating a Path of Excellence in College for Men of Color

Author(s): Carlton Goode

Melanin Mind for Men of Color takes readers on a transformative journey. More than just an academic pursuit; it invites readers to discover themselves, challenges their ideas and perceptions of the world, and blossom into the remarkable man of color you were born to be. Within the space, readers wil...

Physical Geology Workbook

Author(s): Giuseppina Kysar Mattietti, Stacey Verardo, Chris Seminack

Introductory Physical Geology Workbook provides hands-on activities that complement the physical geology lectures and guide the students from understanding science to applying their knowledge.Introductory Physical Geology Workbook:includes modified exercises to encourage students to explore relevant...