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The Aurora Chronicles

Author(s): Shawn M Lynch

On June 7, 2114, the Earth Survey Ship Aurora disappeared near Jupiter, leaving no trace behind as to its destination, nor as to the fate of its crew. On July 20, 2134, the ESS Aurora returned, carrying with it all the horrors of the void, but also with the promise of information gathered from its g...

Full Stack Developer

Author(s): Jose G Annunziato

The speed of progress promises a great future, but is not without its challenges and concerns. Companies offer free services in exchange for tracking our online activity and compromising our privacy. Being able to reach millions has democratized information sharing and spawned countless news outlets...

Principles of Exercise Prescription

Author(s): Warren Franke

New Edition Coming Soon! Principles of Exercise Prescription helps students cultivate skills that are required for developing exercise prescriptions, or exercise programs, for clients. This guidebook ties in concepts from related health and wellness subjects, prepares students to pass a professio...

General Biology Laboratory Manual

Author(s): Charles A Wade

The laboratory manual is intended for non-science majors studying general biology. The biological terminology is kept at a minimum in an attempt to limit the technical jargon. The purpose of this laboratory manual is to expose the students to as many organisms and biological concepts as possible. ,...

Introduction to Basic Architectural Structures in Wood and Steel

Author(s): Stephen Brasgalla - Architect

Architects have long depended on specialty consultants to provide expert guidance and design regarding structural issues of buildings and construction projects.  By the same token, the architect has traditionally filled the role of the “orchestra conductor,” bringing all parties together across a ra...

Public Relations: A Professional Approach

Author(s): John Guilfoil

Public Relations: A Professional Approach takes a look at the PR industry that is part trusted adviser and part carpenter! With a fresh look at time-tested concepts, the book served as a service manual for those just starting to learn about public relations and those already working in the field. Wi...