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The Contemporary Global Economy: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Author(s): Raju Parakkal

The Contemporary Global Economy is aimed at understanding and explaining the modern global economy through a detailed examination and analysis of current economic events and developments. The modern global economy, however, does not exist in a vacuum- intellectually, it has been shaped by theoretica...

The Natural Hand and the Art of Practicing Volume I

Author(s): Uli Geissendoerfer

The Natural Hand shows the most ergonomic approach to playing an instrument and the most focused way of practicing. In order to play better we need to practice better. In five volumes we focus on each instrument group, keyboard, string, wind, percussion and voice. QR codes provide short videos to be...

The Road to Ethical Science: A Guide to Restoring Trust in Science

Author(s): Brian Herman, Claudia Nauhauser

Rarely a week goes by without reading about a case of unethical behavior during the conduct of research. By the time the misconduct is discovered, the damage is often done. Such unethical behavior leads to a loss of trust in the scientific enterprise and, nowadays, also to increased polarization in ...