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Media Praxis: Introducing Media Theory, Application and Context

Author(s): Alessandro Imperato

Media theory is a valuable resource for media producers and with the increased pervasion of digital media technology into everyday life, it has become necessary for understanding developments in culture. Media Praxis, introduces the reader to media theory and its application to art and design, anima...

Statistics for Psychology

Author(s): Gayle Dow

New Publication Coming Soon! Statistics instructor and educational psychologist Gayle T. Dow has created a statistics for psychology publication that enables students to develop a skill set to use in their future careers.  Based on the author’s extensive teaching and educational psychology bac...

A Primer on Business Finance and Accounting: A Practical Guide for the Non-Finance & Accounting Decision Maker

Author(s): Randy Markley

This text is for anyone who wants to have a quick, yet thorough understanding of the basics of accounting and finance; for anyone who wants to know what a budget is and how to prepare one; or to have a better understanding of financial statements and how to prepare and interpret them. This book can ...

Suit the Action to the Word: A Project Based Introduction to Theatre

Author(s): Jeffrey Kean, Mark Creter, Eleni Fragopoulos, Prudence van Aalten

New Publication Now Available! Suit the Action to the Word uses project based learning (PBL), a method of instruction that emphasizes learning and applying skills and knowledge in real life situations. By presenting students with project challenges that require creativity, collaboration, adherenc...

Movement in Special Populations: Fitness, Sport, and Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities

Author(s): Daniel J Burt, Bethany L. Hersman

The ever-changing dynamic of kinesiology departments and the growth in specific exercise science fields has seen a shift to the inclusion of students in traditional adapted physical education courses who are preparing to go into athletic training, sports administration, health and fitness, physical/...

Doctors for the Church

Author(s): Corne Bekker, James Flynn, Mark Jumper, Kevin Spawn, Leroy Gilbert, Jordan Jones, Jeffrey Anderson, J. Lyle Story

The doctoral program process is rigorous and robust, with great expectations placed upon students in this culminating experience of academic formation. Doctors for the Church was birthed out of a desire to assist doctoral students in divinity and theology programs in adopting the appropriate stance ...