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Trends and Issues in Organizational Leadership


The phenomenon of leadership and the modern organization is studied academically in a variety of ways, ranging from appraising leaders or their techniques to examining current trends in the field. Outstanding leadership involves integrating knowledge from multiple areas of study and utilizing numero...

Our Stories in Our Voices with Spanish Translation

Author(s): Gregory Yee Mark, Dale Allender

Our Stories in Our Voices, examines American history, education, ethnic identity, and the continued struggle for social justice through the lens of people of color in the United States. The chapters in this publication begin to bring to the forefront topics that have been largely ignored but are ess...

Tapestry Voices of the Marginalized and the Masters: American Literature: 1865-Present

Author(s): Deborah Ferguson

Tapestry Voices of the Marginalizes and the Masters: American Literature helps students manifest and maintain a love of the English language while learning to appreciate the vast diversity of American voices in the literary arts. Accordingly, the fictional stories, poems, memoirs, manifestoes, essay...