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Intelligence Analysis for Criminal Investigations

Author(s): David Byrne

This one-of-kind Workbook contains over 40 Activities, 22 Topics, 2 Investigation Case Studies and 2 Intelligence Briefing Reports. It also covers everything an Intelligence Analyst would need in handling a criminal investigation including tactics to collect information, an affidavit and search warr...

The Gospel in Soul and State: Life, Leadership, and Politics from a Biblical Perspective

Author(s): Kahlib Fischer

We were not meant to be orphans, separate from God’s love and wisdom.  But too often, we live and think as if we were, which leads to striving, anger, and fear.  In turn, we live disjointed lives—our awareness of academic concepts in the fields of leadership, politics, government, and history remain...

Psychology of Adjustment: Self Discovery and Overcoming Challenges

Author(s): Laura Thomas

Psychology of Adjustment: Self Discovery and Overcoming Challenges is an integrated textbook for college students who are curious about themselves and how to overcome the obstacles in their life. The text is supported by numerous research and statistics involving the world of Psychology. Each chapte...