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Research Methods in Psychology

Author(s): Jeffrey Anastasi, Jessica Lee

New Third Edition Now Available! Research Methods in Psychology is an accessible and exciting textbook that introduces students to the various principles of research methodology and design in psychological research. The ultimate goal of the textbook is to encourage each student to gain a basic un...

General Biology Lecture Notes

Author(s): Del William Smith

New Edition Now Available! , basic_html

New Venture Launchpad, Spanish Version

Author(s): Kevin Cox, Roland Kidwell

New Venture Launchpad: Spanish Version provides the next generation of entrepreneurs a complete and contemporary guide to launching a new business venture. Built on a foundation of widely validated and empirically derived techniques and strategies, the workbook and associated program provide entrepr...

Sound Recording in the 21st Century

Author(s): Thomas E Larson

The world of sound recording is fast and ever-changing.  With the multi-billion-dollar podcast industry and the growth of the home recording industry over the last 20 years, more and more people are writing, playing, and recording their own music outside of the traditional recording studio. T...

Introduction to Environmental Science Lab Manual

Author(s): Felicia Armstrong

Introduction to Environmental Science lab book is design for the non-science major use of the scientific method to investigate topics in environmental science. The manual investigate water quality, composting, biodiversity, risk assessment, acid mine drainage, oil removal from water and other topics...