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Navajo Traditional Stories and the Science of Geology

Author(s): Dale Nations, Max Goldtooth, Henry Haven

The three authors of this book vary greatly in backgrounds and experience but share in the love of the land and a desire to impart their knowledge of it. Comparisons are made of the rock record of geologic events known to geologists, to the legends in stories known to traditional Navajos. Ages and e...

African American Nutrition: Learn How to Use Nutrition to Your Advantage and Reclaim Power Over Your Health

Author(s): Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Why do African Americans have the highest death rates from all kinds of cancers, but not the highest diagnoses?How are BMI charts negatively biased against the body composition of African Americans? Why are doctors providing the same blood pressure medications to African Americans as they are Caucas...

Read Write! Breaking Down a Text and Building Up an Essay

Author(s): Selena Stewart-Alexander, Patrice K. Johnson, Caitlin Stanford Kintner

New Edition Now Available! In order to improve your reading skills, you must write more, and in order to improve your writing skills, you must read more. Read Write! Breaking down a Text and Building up an Essay truly integrates reading and writing. Students gain an understanding of the readin...

Surround Sound: A New Approach to Music Appreciation

Author(s): Cynthia T Carrell

SurroundSound: A New Approach to Music Appreciation is designed to engage college and high school students in meaningful listening and discussion to help students get an "out of the box" perspective on the world of music. In SurroundSound, Carrell approaches music appreciation from the point of view...

Ethnic Studies: Dissent is Patriotic

Author(s): Michael L. Samano

The content and tone of Ethnic Studies: Dissent is Patriotic comes from the totality of the author's lived, working, and teaching experiences. For students who are new to the field of Ethnic Studies, this textbook was written for them. This is why each chapter ends with both chapter review questions...

Fathers Shaping Child Development

Author(s): Maria Reid

Fathers Shaping Child Development does what no previous textbook on human development has done before, it talks about how important fathers are to the upbringing and optimal development of their children. It focuses on fathers’ contribution to child development and covers the developmental periods f...