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Hydraulics Laboratory Manual: Experiments with Applications

Author(s): John Schuring, Ashish Borgaonkar, Brian Shiels

Highlights of Hydraulics Laboratory Manual:O­ffers 17 “hands-on” experiments in fluids and hydraulics, including concepts such as viscosity, capillarity, continuity, manometers, hydrostatics, Bernoulli, pipe friction and minor loss, open channel flow, pumps, weirs, water hammer, stream gaging, Reyno...

Managing Product Success: Cool, Good, and Great Products

Author(s): Edison Tse

There are different levels of product success: Cool Products, Good Products, and Great Products. A cool product is one that receives consumer excitement when it is first introduced into the market, but fails to sustain that success in the market. A good product is one that can maintain a strong mark...

Teaching, Learning, and the Brain

Author(s): Karen Goldman

Theories of Teaching, Learning, and the Brain serves as an overview into American education, our culture and the worldviews that influence it. Educational theories and the philosophers and psychologists who developed them are reviewed. Current theories and trends are discussed.  Major concepts of le...

Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders: A Historical Community Overview

Author(s): Gregory Yee Mark, Marietess Masulit, Wendi Yamashita

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: A Historical Community Overview is rooted in the tenets and methodologies of Ethnic Studies and its commitment to community-based research and activism. It is a great introductory resource for Asian American Studies (AAS) and provides an overview of the history...

Leading with Vision, Integrity, and Inspiration

Author(s): Kristin Noone

If you want to be a great leader, lead with Vision, Integrity and Inspiration. Whether you are currently a leader or are striving to become a leader, this book was created to help you on your path. Throughout this book, you will be evaluating your abilities within the three fundamental areas (Vision...

Introduction to Contemporary Africa

Author(s): Anita Plummer, Msia Kibona Clark

Introduction to Contemporary Africa seeks to illuminate and clarify the profoundly diverse and complex dynamics impacting contemporary Africa and its communities. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we introduce students to Africa’s history, geography, culture, politics and economics. Nevertheless,...