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The Fusion of Language and Ethnic Identity: The Voices of Hispanic Emerging Adults in New Mexico and Oklahoma


Sample The rising US Hispanic population engenders a greater need to understand intercultural dialogue between this ethnic group and the dominant society. Hispanics are often viewed as a homogenous group (Umana-Taylor & Fine 2001); however, interactions of Hispanic groups with the dominant societ...

Producing Drama for Ministry

Author(s): Ariel Fernald, Trey Fernald

Producing Drama for Ministry teaches both why and how to build theatrical productions that are both high quality entertainment and truly impactful ministry. Whether you are an artist, pastor, missionary, producer, church staff member, or a program director this text will offer insight into effective...

Medical Decisions in Older Age: Managing Complexities, Uncertainties, and Social Relationships


Abstract Medical decisions in older adulthood frequently entail consideration of a variety of health issues and social relationships relevant to the decision (Hummert & Nussbaum, 2001). The case presented illustrates the decision-making process of a 69-year-old woman considering a surgical proced...

Theatre Through the Ages: An Introduction to Theatre

Author(s): Daryl Worley

A comprehensive guide for theatre appreciation. Starting with ancient man and the Greeks and Romans the history of the theatre is explored throughout the text culminating with a look at the truly American theatre form, the Broadway musical. Twelve full plays are included in this text as well as a va...

Don't Stand So Close to Me: Unexpected Proxemic Violations


Sample Nonverbal communication courses often highlight some basic principles about the distinctions between verbal and nonverbal messaging, and one of the more generally dismissed principles is one of the more important to understand across a variety of interpersonal contexts: that nonverbal beha...

Business Communication: College to Work

Author(s): Mary Hinesly, Amy Young

Learning is a journey. It should be a lifelong journey. There is so much to learn, and with experience, there is wisdom that marries your knowledge together. Business Communication: College to Work book serves readers to understand their path in the business world. It is to give them guidance on bus...