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Social Influence Online: The Six Principles in Action


Abstract I have always been an early adopter of technology. I wrote my first webpage in 1994. I had my first email address in 1992. I made my first order in 1996. I joined eBay in 1997. I started playing Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing games (MMORPGs) in 1999. I met my husba...

The Science and Practice of Leadership

Author(s): David Sweetman

The Science and Practice of Leadership is designed to provide an overview of leadership that is both broad and deep. Chapters are organized into four sections, each addressing one of the main lenses through which to view leadership; the individual, the context, the team, and the structure. , basic_...

Wolfman Jay and the Writing Center Gang: Humor in Listserv Community Development


Abstract As individuals become more immersed in online discourse, the rhetorical ways in which face-to-face humor emerges as an important part of the written lexicon remain an important facet of effective communication. Social media, listservs, blogs, email, and collaborative virtual environments...

Starting Life With a Clean Slate: Transgender Woman Starting a New Job


Abstract Kylie stared at the computer screen, feeling the panic rise inside her as she read and reread the e-mail. It was April of her senior year, and she had already secured her dream job with a Fortune 500 company. Just weeks after graduation, movers would arrive in her small college town in t...

A Goals-Plans-Action Theory of Communication: Ravi and Joe Battle over Cleaning the Apartment


Sample Why do people say what they say? The answer given by Goals-Plans-Action Theory is that usually individuals craft messages that they believe will help them to achieve whatever they are trying to accomplish. Goals-Plans-Action (GPA) is a theory of message production that has its roots in the...

Passing Bad Paper


Sample Followers of sport are regularly made aware of crises that have the potential to damage the integrity of teams and leagues. In the last few years, there have been several high profile cases. Each crisis may have been averted by effective communication. Each required effective communication...

Write It: A Process Approach to College Essays, with Readings

Author(s): Linda Strahan, Kathleen M Moore

Recently Revised Seventh Edition Now Available!Write It: A Process Approach to College Essays, with Readings focuses on the academic essay and its conventions. It contains activities that directly involve students in reading critically, generating ideas on a topic, developing a thesis statement, fin...

The Mysterious Case of Cosmo Sludge


Abstract When one of her clients is involved in a hazardous waste spill, Karyn Kassing faces the dilemma of a lifetime. How should she encourage her client to proceed? , basic_html

Western Humanities and Christian Thought

Author(s): Joshua Kira, Sandra S. Yang

Western Humanities and Christian Thought is an introduction to the philosophy, visual arts, music, and theatre of Western civilization from Ancient Greece to our own times. This book is unique among surveys of humanities in several ways.First and foremost, it has a level of Christian thought permeat...