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Lab Manual for General Physics I Lab

Author(s): Ethan Deneault

General Physics I: Lab Manual for iOLab is designed for the first semester of a two-semester physics sequence. Using the innovative iOLab device, all but one of the ten included mechanics-based labs can be done either in a classroom setting or remotely at home. This manual is designed to provide fle...

Sanctified Georgia: History of Peach State Pentecostalism

Author(s): Ovell Hamilton

As the second book in Ovell Hamilton's Sanctified Series, Sanctified Georgia: History of Peach State Pentecostalism documents the stories and legacies of the Pentecostal Movement throughout the Peach State.  Records display how the founder of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., Bishop Charles Harriso...

Communicating Interculturally: Theories, Themes, and Practices for Societal Wellbeing

Author(s): Mark Hopson, Gina R Castle, Elizabeth Y Whittington, Ayodeji Dapherede

Welcome to Communicating Interculturally. This book will introduce theories of intercultural communication, examples of communication at work, and key terms relevant to the exploration of communication and culture. Our goal is to help you better understand the value of communicating interculturally....

Agents of Change: Guiding Teachers to Use Inquiry to Identify Challenges & Seek Solutions

Author(s): Christine J. Briggs

Educators face many challenges each day in their classrooms, and it is clear they want to address these challenges to improve the learning environment for themselves and their students. But what can be done to guide this improvement process and become Agents of Change?  Teacher inquiry is the key. I...

Book of Cases: Advertising & Brand Communications

Author(s): Mark J. McMullen

This book contains a compilation of numerous case studies of companies that have been involved in the following areas: Corporate re-branding and positioning Effectively managing crisis communication Managing explosive growth Being true to your values Developing a new brand image Over...

The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the Age of CRT

Author(s): Erec Smith, Matthew Abraham

The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the Age of CRT seeks to remedy a ubiquitous problem we see in anti-racist activism in the academy and academy-adjacent spaces: disempowerment. This is the tendency to embrace victimhood and label opposing or even altered views as violent and inherentl...