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General Biology

Author(s): David Moat, Holly Morris

New Edition Now Available! The laboratory component for General Biology I and II is intended for science majors and students needing a two-semester sequence of a laboratory-based science course. The laboratory exercises cover topics ranging from biological chemistry, cell biology, and genetics, t...

Great Companies Know Employees Are Customers Too

Author(s): Larry Friis

Much of the focus of a leader is directed at customers. Advertising is placed to attract them while sales and discounts are offered in an effort to entice customers to transact business. Significant effort, time and resources are expended to get customers to affiliate to the business brand. Is the s...

The Hero's Journey: Illuminating Your Life/Career Path

Author(s): Patricia Ferguson, Victoria Nanos

New Edition Now Available! The world has become a global village connected by the speed of information processing via the Internet. Students need to look inward to identify themselves and their “bliss” while also being in tune with the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in an increasingly div...

Reinventing the Freshman Writing and Research Course: A Text for All Freshmen, Co-Requisite and Writing Across the Curriculum Courses


Designed to work with the required freshman writing and research course, its co-requisite course, and the Writing Across the Curriculum approach course for teaching both, Reinventing the Freshman Writing and Research Course is organized according to a fifteen-week semester comprised of five units: ...

Social Psychology

Author(s): Traci Craig

In an increasingly online world, the amount of information about human interaction may feel chaotic or unpredictable, but through the lens of social psychology it is possible to make sense of how and why people behave the way they do. With a robust research methods section, including a clear discuss...