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Anatomy of a California Smog Check BAR Level 1 & 2 Training

Author(s): Dorothy Anderson, Mark Ellison

Anatomy of a California Smog Check BAR Level 1 & 2 Training has been written for California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) certified instructors to be utilized in BAR Level 1 and Level 2 Smog Inspector training courses. This book can also be used for any candidate to prepare for the California St...

HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens

Author(s): Tiantian Zheng, Jack Wortman

HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens focuses on the global pandemic that has a profound impact on the world we are living in today. In many parts of the world, the infection has severely eroded the political, economic, and social fabric. This book provides an answer to how we can better understa...

La Jawab Treats: A Celebration of Culture & Spice Fusion Recipes

Author(s): Punhal Chaudry, Naiel Chaudry

Written by young chefs and business owners of Lá Jawab Treats, this cookbook showcases many unique fusion creations that bring together the best of East and West. This collection of savory and sweet recipes is meant for anyone who has a love for cooking and baking. Whether you are an amateur or a se...

The Impacts of Covid-19


The Impacts of COVID-19 is a textbook that offers vivid insights for students taking courses in the College of Arts and Sciences including anthropology, biology, computer sciences, computer systems technology, economics, English, psychology, and philosophy. Similarly, students who take courses in th...

Engineering Career Playbook: A Strategic Approach

Author(s): Michael Venuto

If you are an engineering student or a recent graduate, I am sure you have questions and uncertainties on starting your engineering career. This book will provide a perspective to what is on the minds of students and early career engineers and an insight to frequently asked questions.I have studied ...