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The Transformational Principal in Current Times: A Collection of Case Studies and Leadership Activities

Author(s): Everett Edwards II, MARCIE E. BYRD

The Transformational Principal in Current Times was conceived from the notion that while many may aspire to school leadership, specifically the principalship, few candidates have an accurate depiction of what the position may demand. It is a glimpse into the day-to-day, and often hour to hour, behin...

Fundamentals of Western Philosophy


The primary objective in writing Fundamentals of Western Philosophy was to identify the foundational ideas of Western Philosophy and present them in a language and format that would be easily understood by undergraduates and the reading public. Most of the ideas proposed and explained in this book f...

Student Workbook for Organic Chemistry

Author(s): Judit Beagle, Lucas Beagle

Student Workbook for Organic Chemistry is targeted practice on those areas that we have identified as trouble hotspots for students. Each section is written independently from another and covers the whole topic with information and practice. It can be helpful for both organic I and organic II studen...

Introduction to Macroeconomics: History, Theories, and Policies

Author(s): Selim Cakmakli

Macroeconomics examines the whole economy and analyzes the state of the economy using macroeconomic data such as national income, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, and interest rates. Introduction to Macroeconomics: History, Theories and Policies is designed for a one-semester course and the...

General Chemistry Laboratory Manual: Chem 1105

Author(s): Gregory Gellene

This manual is designed to be paired with the General Chemistry component of a GOB course which annually enrolls about 1000 mostly pre-nursing and agricultural science students at Texas Tech University, but it could also be paired with the first semester of two-semester General Chemistry sequence. A...

Art of Yoga

Author(s): David Lynx

Art of Yoga is an art history textbook seen from a yogic perspective. The visual art history of yoga begins in India, then expands to China, Japan, and the west.  , basic_html

General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry

Author(s): The POGIL Project, Michael Garoutte, Ashley Mahoney

Students can follow a guided inquiry approach as they learn chemistry in the classroom. General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry serves as an accompaniment to a GOB Chemistry text. It can suit the one- or two-semester course. This supplemental text supports Process Oriented Guide...

iVitalidad! Spanish for the Health Professions

Author(s): Luisa Piemontese

¡Vitalidad! is a content and real-task based textbook that prepares health professionals to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and clients. The text and has been written for novice to intermediate level students and contains six units which increase in complexity. The first three units and c...