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General Psychology: Lecture Notes and Study Guide

Author(s): James Jakubow

*This is a physical version of the lecture notes guide that you will receive on the KHPcontent website and is made available to be purchased for your convenience.*  *This will NOT give you access to the main text or the accompanying resources required for this course.*  , basic_html

Physical Geology Lab Exploration

Author(s): Mara Chen, Thomas Cawthern, Sarah Jones, Fulbert Namwamba

Physical Geology Lab Exploration is designed and written for the introductory physical geology course. It provides students with fundamental concepts and principles, as well as examples and lab exercises to apply what is learned in lectures and reading. The publication promotes and nurtures learning...

Your Death Your Choice: The Future of Palliative Care

Author(s): Andrew B Frados

Your Death, Your Choice: The Future of Palliative Care dives in to explain the several topics under palliative care. It gives the reader information about death and dying and how one copes with it, how to educate others if you are involved in the palliative care world, and finally, how to help anoth...

Digitized Voices: A Handbook for the Criticism and Strategic Application of Digital Media

Author(s): CarrieLynn Reinhard

Each new era of communication technologies has impacted our civilization, our lives, and our world. Each new technology created a new interface between people, between a person and information, and between a person and reality. The trajectory of these technologies spans the artificial that requires ...

Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory Course and Kit


This engaging physical geology laboratory course, e-text, and specimen identification kit will challenge and excite your students while they explore the globe, study national parks, identify rocks and minerals, analyze data, hypothesize, and extrapolate, all while learning and applying scientific me...

A History of Warfare in East Asia

Author(s): Robert F Ritchie

This book represents a summation of some of the latest scholarship on the subject of warfare in East Asia. Because of the paucity of books on the subject, it is an obviously underrepresented subject, and this book is, by no means, intended to be conclusive. Hopefully, it will serve as a conduit to t...