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Perspectives on State Lobbying in California: Essays by Advocates in California's Capitol

Author(s): Chris Micheli

As a former colleague, Carl Brakensiek said, “A book of memoirs from seasoned lobbyists is long overdue and will be a significant addition to the lore.” Based on the author's past twenty-five years as a lobbyist at California’s State Capitol, Chris Micheli, shares stories from colleagues and obse...

Anatomy and Physiology: A Guided Inquiry

Author(s): The POGIL Project, Patrick J. P. Brown

Students learn when they are actively engaged and thinking in class. The activities in this book are the primary classroom materials for teaching Anatomy and Physiology, using the POGIL method. The result is an "I can do this" attitude, increased retention, and a feeling of ownership over the materi...

Selling Yourself and Your Ideas: A Guide for Building Presentation Skills

Author(s): Murray State University

One’s personal, professional, and public life depends on the ability to discover, in any given case, the available means of persuasion, or to adjust ideas to people and people to ideas. The extent to which a person can do that is the extent to which he/she will be successful in those areas of life. ...

General Chemistry I: Lab Manual

Author(s): Steven Rowley

General Chemistry laboratory can be both very challenging and very rewarding for students. Steven Rowley’s General Chemistry I Laboratory Manual assists students in the understanding of chemistry. It is written for a first semester General Chemistry lab course. The experiments contained in it parall...