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The Art of Performing

Author(s): Nicole Phaneuf

Knowing the self is crucial in any performance. The ideas the author wrote about in The Art of Performing are not fact or fiction. Compiled are thoughts that can help and enhance performance of any kind, concentrating on awareness of self. It goes through how to prepare (including what, who, wher...

Marketing, from Scratch: The Inside Skinny

Author(s): David Strutton, KENNETH THOMPSON

In some way, we are all trying to sell ourselves for the better. Marketing from Scratch: The Inside Skinny explains that everyone is a marketer and provides insight on how marketing is truly everywhere and shares how marketing is everything. It states how nothing happens until someone sells somet...


Author(s): Xunming Du

Math ABC is written in an innovative way as it makes readers learn basic math knowledge with a fresh and pleasant experience. Arithmetic with actual meaning will be easy to understand. For example, a young mom may find it difficult to explain to his son why 2-(-1) is 2+1, which equals 3. However,...

The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the Age of CRT

Author(s): Erec Smith, Matthew Abraham

The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the Age of CRT seeks to remedy a ubiquitous problem we see in anti-racist activism in the academy and academy-adjacent spaces: disempowerment. This is the tendency to embrace victimhood and label opposing or even altered views as violent and inherentl...

Human Nutrition: Navigating through the Maze

Author(s): Rhonda M Lane

Human Nutrition: Navigating Through the Maze was developed to help adult students learn about nutrition and to stimulate the student’s own critical thinking skills so that they can incorporate the basic nutritional concepts they learn into their daily lives to maintain a healthy body. Some of the to...

Apocalypse and Society

Author(s): Adam Rafalovich

Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, Apocalypse and Society explores the many ways that “the End of the World” can be discussed and debated. It is organized into seven sections: (1) An introduction to major apocalyptic themes; (2) Technological apocalypse, focusing upon the implications of aut...