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Life in Society: Customized version of Aaron Thompson, Reid Luhman, Milan Andrejevich, Matthew Howell and Scott Powell's The Sociological Outlook, Tenth Edition. Designed specifically for Renu Sharma-

Author(s): Renu Sharma-Persaud

Life in Society provides a vision for understanding society using classical theory with present day examples. Major societal themes are explored and self-evaluation reinforces student understanding.  Major themes of inequality are explored as it relates to major sociological concepts and social inst...

Human Health: A Self-Paced Guide to Your Immune System

Author(s): Beth A VanWinkle

Have you ever wondered about the mechanisms inside of your body that keep it working, all day, EVERY day? In this self-paced guide and workbook, we will venture into the wealth of available information to contemplate and reflect on human health. This guide will help you get started, allow you ...

An Introduction to Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty

Author(s): Michael K Jenson

Introduction to Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty explores the agency of architects and architecture’s role in an era heavily influenced by rapid globalization, technological advancement, ethical uncertainty, and environmental crisis.  Contrary to the conventional paradigm of an architectural in...

A Multimedia Creative's Guide to Business

Author(s): Thaddeus Jones

Working in the multimedia field is not what you think it is. Most people believe they are selling images or videos created by a piece of equipment. What they are really selling is their thoughts and vision. A Multimedia Creative's Guide to Business helps readers to cultivate those thoughts and c...

Discovering the Living Ocean: Laboratory and Field Activities in Marine Biology - San Diego Mesa College Version

Author(s): Paul Detwiler

Discovering the Living Ocean provides a suitable manual in marine biology that is engaging, easy to read, and relevant for nonscience majors in community college as well as for high school students. This publication includes activities that challenge and inspire students to learn more about the Ocea...