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Business Statistics: Clearly Explained

Author(s): Clarence Johnson

The book Business Statistics-Clearly Explained is a book that can be very useful in beginning statistics courses.  Readers will find that the book makes it easy for them to understand difficult topics. Every topic is clearly explained in a way that makes even those who are mathematically challenged ...

The End of Technology

Author(s): Peter Denton

Technology and sustainability are linked by the choices we make. Every day, those choices determine the trajectory of our society toward whatever future lies ahead. We therefore need to think deeply about the nature of technology, and about how the values we hold - as individuals, professionals, and...

The Big Leap: An Ethics of Insight, Volume I

Author(s): Thomas Kennon

In philosophy, an ethics suggests a system of values or as Brittanica says, an ethics “consists of the fundamental issues of practical decision making, and its major concerns include the nature of ultimate value and the standards by which human actions can be judged right or wrong.” I’m not a fan...

Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch

Author(s): Susan Goran

Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch prepares students to participate in the integration of telehealth/telemedicine in healthcare as a knowledgeable consumer, healthcare provider, or educator. This turn-key online course package provides a foundational curriculum that provides key telehealth concepts, th...

Michigan Criminal Law & Procedure: A Manual for Michigan Police Officers

Author(s): Michigan Department Of State Police

Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure: A Manual for Michigan Police Officers is written by the legal staff of the Michigan State Police in cooperation with other law enforcement trainers throughout the state.  Designed for police officers and law enforcement students, the manual discusses the law most...