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Designing Your NIC Experience


Designing Your NIC Experience is designed to help smooth the transition into college as well as equip students with strategies for success that they can use throughout college and beyond. Its aim is to promote the academic excellence and personal development of all students—whether students are (a) ...

Basic Macro Models: The Classical System and the Keynesian Revolution

Author(s): Roger Strickland

“Markets respond to disturbances by changing prices and output to reach a new equilibrium. It’s automatic, a function of the ‘self-interest’ of market forces. A reliance on market mechanisms eliminates the need for any outside authority to try to influence prices or other behaviors.” Really? F...

Intercultural Communication: A Societal Approach to Developing Intercultural Competencies

Author(s): Daniel White Hodge

Intercultural Communication: A Societal Approach to Developing Intercultural Competencies grounds intersectionality with intercultural communication theory to develop intercultural competencies. It is designed for both the student and the educator; what is meant by that is as many text books are “te...

Peace, Love, and Sociology

Author(s): Jessica Potter

Peace, Love, & Sociology is a groovy exploration through the basic concepts of Sociology, with an open-minded Sociology professor and teacher of deep truths as your guide. The second Sociology text from Potter, Peace, Love, & Sociology blends real life examples with textbook definitions to create a ...

Gender, Race, Class

Author(s): Helen K Wise

Gender, Race, Class provides a sociological overview of the impact of systems of inequality on populations in the United States. In particular, the book highlights how systems of inequality perpetuate themselves over generations and results in greater economic, gender, racial, and ethnic disparity. ...

Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook

Author(s): Barbara Murphy, Brendan McConville

Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook Is Much More Than PDF Files…. It’s a Complete Music Theory Course! Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive eBook is designed to be much more than another textbook covering the fundamentals of music theory. Going beyond a series of simple PDF ...