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Cases and Materials on California's Executive Branch of Government

Author(s): Chris Micheli

This is a casebook about the executive branch of state government in California. As with the other two branches of state government, the executive branch is set forth in the California Constitution, in Article V. There are also provisions of law related to the Executive Department contained in the C...

The People's Government

Author(s): Natalie Sweet, Michael Toomey

The People’s Government functions as a lesson in civics, or the benefits and responsibilities associated with citizenship. It is not a book designed to tell readers what to think about the society and politics around them - instead, it is designed to help them interpret and participate in the democr...

Contemporary American Speeches

Author(s): Ferald J Bryan, Richard L Johannesen, Ron Allen, Wilmer A Linkugel

New Eleventh Edition Now Available! Set to be released in a new eleventh edition, Contemporary American Speeches serves as a core textbook in courses such as Contemporary Public Address, Rhetorical criticism, and Contemporary Speakers and Speeches. The publication integrates 27 speeches by well-k...

Human Nutrition: Navigating through the Maze

Author(s): Rhonda M Lane

Human Nutrition: Navigating Through the Maze was developed to help adult students learn about nutrition and to stimulate the student’s own critical thinking skills so that they can incorporate the basic nutritional concepts they learn into their daily lives to maintain a healthy body. Some of the to...

Celtic Cultures: Ancient & Modern

Author(s): Michael Simonton

The purpose of Celtic Cultures: Ancient & Modern  is to serve as an introduction to Celtic Studies in Anthropology, beginning with ancient Celtic cultures in Europe, which rely on Classical histories or archeology for their descriptions, followed by an ethnographic overview of modern Celtic cultures...

Teaching Children's Literature

Author(s): Linda Story

The goal of this text is to assist prospective teachers in becoming effective language arts teachers. In order for teacher candidates to become effective teachers of language arts, this text will assist teacher candidates in meeting the following objectives: Build a knowledge base of the histo...