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Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide Everything You Should Have Learned in 101 and a Lot More

Author(s): William R Lamb

Whether you are new to the sport of Bikepacking or a seasoned veteran, Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide: Everything You Should Have Learned in 101 and a Lot More provides all the information you need, from getting started to doing the Tour Divide and everything in between. This book provides prove...

Sustainable Hospitality: Environmental Performance

Author(s): Dan Ruben

Sustainable Hospitality provides hospitality professionals and students with the knowledge and resources they need to make their properties environmentally sustainable. It helps them identify issues and opportunities and enables them to engage their fellow managers about eco-friendly practices, prod...

Rudiments of Music: A Concise Guide to Music Theory

Author(s): Perry Goldstein

Rudiments of Music covers the basics of Western classical tonal music theory, though it is applicable to a broad range of other music as well. Written for the beginner, experienced musicians who want to learn the fundamentals of tonal theory will also find it useful. The book covers basic notation o...

Criminal Justice in the New Millennium: Process & Practice

Author(s): Danny Pirtle, Danny Wayne Pirtle

The role of textbooks and study materials, regardless of subject, is to present learners with key content and to help them to acquire necessary skills. The goal for Criminal Justice in the New Millennium: Process & Practice is simplicity. The authors created a text that is engaging and easy to read....

Medical Terminology: Guide to Word Parts and Meanings: A Quick Reference Guide

Author(s): Susan Grant

For students in the medical, science and allied health fields, deciphering medical terminology just became easier with this go-to reference guide of medical words parts and their meanings. With easy-to-find word part and meanings in alphabetical order, Medical Terminology: Guide to Word Parts and...

Applied Perspectives of Personal, Public and Global Health

Author(s): Barbara Engebretsen

Applied Perspectives of Personal, Public, and Global Health is an introduction for undergraduate students considering a wide variety of human, animal, environmental, and public health, as well as social and public services career paths. With intentionally interdisciplinary perspectives, the basic co...