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Learning and Earning in the 21st Century: What You Need to Know and How to Succeed

Author(s): Angela Reeves

Several participants were recently heard to say:"This is fun!"Learning about oneself, one's strengths and enhancing specific areas to strong proficiency can be "fun"! The information, assignments and activities included in the 5th edition of Learning and Earning in the 21st Century: What You Need to...

Elements of Physical Geology: An Interactive Experience

Author(s): Mark A Tinsley

Physical geology is an exciting and dynamic scientific discipline. However, students who take physical geology in an online format often fail to experience the science fully because they are forced to complete virtual, non-tactile lab exercises that are uninspiring and only marginally instructive. ...

Fundamentals of Philosophy: Being, Knowing, Doing

Author(s): Stephen Orr

Fundamentals of Philosophy provides a unique approach to the study of philosophy. Written in an approachable style, the text motivates students to learn complex philosophical themes without dry prose. Significant philosophical texts are interspersed with colorful commentary and context, engaging stu...

The Power of Branding in Fashion: 2000 and Beyond

Author(s): Wendy Goldstein, Lubna Najjar

The Power of Branding in Fashion: 2000 and Beyond takes readers on a journey through the story of branding and specifically where art and vision meets technicality and business. The publication presents the history of branding in its most traditional form as well as the adventure that branding to...

Statistics For Psychology

Author(s): Kim A. Roberts, Amy Cole

Statistics For Psychology is a short version of a textbook designed to simplify statistics. It is referred to as a work book written for students that are required to understand that a scientist must have a tightly controlled research design before they analyze their data which is conveyed in Chapte...