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The Truth About Science: Answering Your Most Common Questions

Author(s): Megan Prosser, Joshua Morris, Michael Clark

The COVID pandemic brought science to the forefront of society as the world watched and waited for a cure. It quickly became clear that scientific progress relied on previous discoveries and new experimentation in order to drive understanding of the virus, its transmission, and vaccine development; ...

Foundational Readings in American & Texas Politics

Author(s): Glynn E Newman

Foundational Readings in American & Texas Politics is a comprehensive guide to understanding the fundamental principles and workings of the U.S. government. The United States of America is a unique political system that has evolved over the years, starting with the drafting of the Constitution in 17...

Next Step

Author(s): Nichole Harken

Health insurance, relocating, navigating new workspaces, potential discrimination, managing time - there is so much that comes with graduating from higher education. You have built the skills and knowledge to engage in the work, but may be feeling overwhelmed for all of the other "stuff" of life. Yo...