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Ethics in Our World: A Case Consult Approach

Author(s): Courtland Lewis

Ethics is one of the most misunderstood aspects of contemporary life. It is part philosophy, part critical thinking, and a full examination of yourself and the world. Ethics is a lifelong process of learning and understanding.Ethics in Our World: A Case Consult Approach helps readers to develop the ...

The Alien Movie Project: Studying the Narrative, Affective and Production Politics of Alien Stories in Cinema


Alienhood rhetoric is everywhere: "Do you want to know more?" The Alien Movie Project blends podcasting and communication studies scholarship to introduce readers to critical theory centered on mediated stories of Otherness. In Part I readers can explore perspectives on how culture and ideolog...

Enhancing Performance and Well-Being in College and Beyond


New Publication Now Available!In Enhancing Performance and Well-Being in College and Beyond, the author engages students in a conversation about his life and his experiences as he provides them with information that will not only help them in college, but also with the tools to excel after graduatio...

Juvenile Justice: Breaking the Cycle

Author(s): Shelly Stroud, Rebecca Stroud

Juvenile Justice: Breaking the Cycle serves as a comprehensive overview of the juvenile justice system and helps the reader understand both its complexity and purpose. This book also examines the legal principles and rights afforded to juveniles within the justice system. The text is divided into...

Martha and New Horizons

Author(s): Two Herons

Summer has turned to fall, and the start of a new school year means more changes- and more challenges- for Martha. Faced with new surroundings, new courses and new classmates, she also must cope with changes at home and in her daily routine. The biggest changes, though, may be in Martha herself!  , ...