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Blood Moon Over Rat Lake

Author(s): Ehor Boyanowsky

In the rough and ready environment of a northern mining town, Moishe, a young boy in love with horses and himself saddled with that strange, foreign sounding name, one that provokes mistreatment by bullies, navigates the increasingly  painful steps of  growing up.  He struggles to make sense of  his...

Trigonometry and Vectors with Applications in Physics

Author(s): Rubik Yegoryan, Hayk Yegoryan

This book can be used at any university/college with Mathematics, Physics, Architecture, and Engineering departments or schools in the world as a textbook.This textbook includes all necessary and universal topics and concepts of Trigonometry or Trigonometry and Vectors courses.Trigonometry and Vecto...

Beginning Astronomy Laboratory: A Hands-On Laboratory Course in Basic Astronomy

Author(s): Michael Lee Frey

Beginning Astronomy Laboratory courses can be difficult for students to learn and it is imperative that the instructor is prepared with the right pedagogy for teaching the material found in each laboratory exercise.Beginning Astronomy Laboratory: A Hands-On Laboratory Course in Basic Astronomy has b...

The Rudiments of Formal Logic: With Trees and Natural Deduction

Author(s): Evan Kalkus, John Styles

The Rudiments of Formal Logic: With Trees and Natural Deduction explores the formal structure of arguments in both sentential and first order predicate logic. Formal logic is the science of making valid inferences.  As such, this book covers a variety of ways to demonstrate the validity of argument ...

Truth and Power: An American Government Owner's Manual

Author(s): Gary Carrico

Newly revised 2nd edition with 2022 election updatesNew “Tipping Points” case studies relevant to each of the book’s sectionsExcellent student feedback on readability and engagementEasily adaptable to both full-semester and short coursesWorks well as the main content resource for online coursesSpeci...