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Microbiology Laboratory: A Clinical Approach for Health Care Professionals

Author(s): M. Nia Madison

New Edition Now Available! We are constantly surrounded by ubiquitous, living organisms too small to be observed by the naked eye. Some of them are beneficial to us. They may serve us as part of our normal microflora competing with and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogeni...

Suit the Action to the Word: A Project Based Introduction to Theatre

Author(s): Jeffrey Kean, Mark Creter, Eleni Fragopoulos, Prudence van Aalten

New Publication Now Available! Suit the Action to the Word uses project based learning (PBL), a method of instruction that emphasizes learning and applying skills and knowledge in real life situations. By presenting students with project challenges that require creativity, collaboration, adherenc...

Anthropology & the Global World: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

Author(s): Christine Elsey

An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology presents a global perspective on humanity and on human culture, poverty, exploitation, work, beliefs, and the primary institutions that make up human societies. The text takes a traditional approach to chapters, presenting a range of anthropological topics ty...

Writing in the Digital Age: Using Video Content for Learning in the Visual World

Author(s): Katherine Kuta

Writing in the Digital Age: Using Video Content for Learning in the Visual World provides the opportunity for the reader to understand how communication has evolved in the digital age. As our society increasingly leans on visual content, specifically video, we must adapt our learning for the present...