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Managing Product Success: Cool, Good, and Great Products

Author(s): Edison Tse

There are different levels of product success: Cool Products, Good Products, and Great Products. A cool product is one that receives consumer excitement when it is first introduced into the market, but fails to sustain that success in the market. A good product is one that can maintain a strong mark...

Rudiments of Music: A Concise Guide to Music Theory

Author(s): Perry Goldstein

Rudiments of Music covers the basics of Western classical tonal music theory, though it is applicable to a broad range of other music as well. Written for the beginner, experienced musicians who want to learn the fundamentals of tonal theory will also find it useful. The book covers basic notation o...

Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders: A Historical Community Overview

Author(s): Gregory Yee Mark, Marietess Masulit, Wendi Yamashita

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: A Historical Community Overview is rooted in the tenets and methodologies of Ethnic Studies and its commitment to community-based research and activism. It is a great introductory resource for Asian American Studies (AAS) and provides an overview of the history...

Public Health in Canada 2.0

Author(s): Wally J Bartfay, Emma Bartfay

We invite you to partake on an exciting learning journey related to public health theory, practice, policy making and research in Canada and abroad that ranges from Alzheimer’s disease trends to the Zika virus pandemic (A-Z).  You will discover on your learning adventure that public health care prof...