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Introductory Laboratory Manual in Engineering Geology

Author(s): Richard Orndorff

This introductory lab manual for a junior or senior-level course in engineering geology describes a suite of basic ASTM standard tests for evaluating the physical properties of soil. Each section covers equipment lists, step-by-step procedures, data sheets, and notes for accommodating tests to acade...

The Aurora Chronicles

Author(s): Shawn M Lynch

On June 7, 2114, the Earth Survey Ship Aurora disappeared near Jupiter, leaving no trace behind as to its destination, nor as to the fate of its crew. On July 20, 2134, the ESS Aurora returned, carrying with it all the horrors of the void, but also with the promise of information gathered from its g...

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success

Author(s): Stephen Spates, Theodore A Avtgis, Shawn Wahl, Andrew S Rancer

New Third Edition Now Available!The focus of Organizational Communicaiton: Strategies for Success is theory and relevant skills orientation, serving those who study relevant organizational theory as well as those developing the necessary skillsets required for conducting communication training, asse...

Elementary Symbolic Logic: Concepts, Techniques, and Concepts

Author(s): Kevin Morris

Elementary Symbolic Logic: Concepts, Techniques, and Context introduces symbolic logic in a way that is accessible and yet rigorous enough to provide an adequate foundation for students who intend to further pursue studies in logic, or who work in areas of study—for example, philosophy or linguistic...

Introduction to Basic Architectural Structures in Wood and Steel

Author(s): Stephen Brasgalla - Architect

Architects have long depended on specialty consultants to provide expert guidance and design regarding structural issues of buildings and construction projects.  By the same token, the architect has traditionally filled the role of the “orchestra conductor,” bringing all parties together across a ra...

Strategic Communication at Work: Contemporary Perspectives on Business and Professional Communication

Author(s): Jennifer H Waldeck, Patricia Kearney, Timothy G. Plax

Strategic Communication at Work by Jennifer Waldeck, Patricia Kearney, and Tim Plax is designed to build students' communication competence in the dynamic business world. The turn-key comprehensive instructional package fuses sixteen chapters, work-based case studies, and modules to bring academic c...