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Getting Hired: A Student Teacher's Guide to Professionalism, Resume Development and Interviewing


This book targets the primary goals of any student teaching program -- professionalism, interviewing, and getting hired. Getting Hired is designed to accompany a student teaching experience and provides step-by-step guidance through student teaching, interviewing, and into a job.This book is set up ...

Becoming a Critic: An Introduction to Analyzing Media Content

Author(s): Rebecca Curnalia, Cary Wecht, Amber Ferris

Filling a void in the media theory, methods, and literacy market, Becoming a Critic is an introduction to current and approachable theory and research on media content. By addressing undergraduate readers as student scholars, the reader is taught to objectively assess the content and implications of...

A Discourse in the African American Experience: Black Star

Author(s): Regina M Williams Davis, Temeka L Carter, Robin N Buckrham

This text serves as a springboard for learning and a roadmap to help readers create a knowledge of what it means to be African American in this country.  Each section of this book provides basic concepts and ideas for the reader to actively participate in the learning process by researching, writing...

African American Music for Everyone: Including Theater, Film, and Dance

Author(s): Stan L Breckenridge

African American Music for Everyone: Including Theater, Film, and Dance begins with an exploration of specific music and dance activities among Africans, in Africa, which is followed by a comparative analysis of their musical activities during the African Diaspora. Following this is a study of Colon...

Intercultural Communication: Building Relationships and Skills

Author(s): Helen Acosta, Bryan Hirayama, Mark Staller

Intercultural Communication: Building Relationships and Skills provides clear explanations of relevant communication theories and practical advice for improving communication skills. This text is designed to introduce students to the most important concepts, theories, and strategies related to inter...

Nutrition: Apples to Zinc

Author(s): Lana Zinger

Drs. Zinger and Sinclair bring you the most recent, evidenced-based academic book on nutrition.This edition of Nutrition: Apples to Zinc includes:The latest findings on gut healthNew applications with individualized fitnessMetabolic imbalances and role of inflammation in diseasesAn enhanced look at ...

Aviation and the Role of Government

Author(s): Harry W Lawrence

The NEW edition of Aviation and the Role of Government by Harry Lawrence of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, features revisions of almost all chapters and four completely rewritten chapters, as well as new statutes and cases added throughout. Aviation and the Role of Government includes: ...

Contemporary Public Speaking: How to Craft and Deliver a Powerful Speech

Author(s): BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE, Andrea Thorson, Mark Staller, Michael Korcok, Helen Acosta, John Giertz

Contemporary Public Speaking: How to Craft and Deliver a Powerful Speech incorporates multiple voices, perspectives, and approaches to mastering the art of public speaker. This contemporary, collaborative endeavor creates more space for the classroom instructor’s own voice. People of all ages, place...

Research Methods: Are You Equipped?

Author(s): Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke, John D. Raacke

There are a myriad of research methods in psychology textbooks available... However, few, if any, of the textbooks approach the research methods course with the purpose of preparing students to become educated consumers of research. Consequently, there is a large gap in the market between the tex...

Designing Your Plan for Success

Author(s): Reneau Waggoner, Maria Galyon

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